We are S.C Doropad S.R.L, the representative of Romania for one of the biggest distributors of peat and horticultural substrates from Europe. ALONET is already a mark in the peat and substrates domain, the majority of plant nurseries from Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Spain knowing this brand and using its products with confidence for many years now, being convinced by the quality of them and the competitiveness of the prices. We became distributors for Romania of the brand Alonet with the convinction that in a short period of time, because of the outstanding quality and by the lower price than the competition has, the products marketed by us will interest more and more plant growers from the country. We are adressing to the flower and ornamental plants nurseries, greengrocers, stores with a plant protection profile and household use, gardening centers.

We can assure you that with a judicious organization we will succeed together in supplying you with peat and substrates all so necessary for carrying out your activity with prices that any other distributing company in the country can not honor your order with.

We are always at your service and we will try our best to constantly find the most efficient solution for supplying you at the lowest prices with peat and peat substrates..


As the only meaningful deposits of spahgnum peat from Europe are in the Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania), from the total price of peat that is delivered to Romania almost half is represented by the transport costs. Because of this, a more judicious organization of the transport will lead to a significant drop of the price with whom you can purchase these products.

Our deposit is located in Dorohoi and from this point we can supply at reasonable prices any client located on the range of 150 km around us. In order to honor the orders at competitive prices in any part of the country, in the case that these orders are at a lower quantity than 1 truck (28 pallets = 504 packages of 250 litres), it will be necessary to organize groups of transport. Unloaded directly from the truck arrived from Latvia, your merchandise will cost up to 2 euros less for 1 package of 250 litres, meaning that at half of a truck you will save almost 500 euros compared to the price at which you would buy the merchandise from a deposit.

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